Clove Tree Community Acupuncture

Welcome to Clove Tree Community Acupuncture (CTCA) in North Haven, CT.

We offer acupuncture treatments, herbal consultations and more on a sliding scale of $20-$40 per treatment. You decide what you can afford within this range, no questions asked.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable acupuncture to the communities of Great New Haven area of Connecticut. CTCA is part of a growing movement of about 200 community-style clinics in North America. We believe you have the right to feel healthy with low-cost acupuncture that fits into your budget.

We are able to keep our prices low by using a community acupuncture model-- offering individualized treatments in a quiet group setting. This is closer to the way acupuncture traditionally is practiced in China.

At Clove Tree Community Acupuncture we treat a wide variety of conditions and a diverse group of patients. Please contact us to find out how Chinese medicine can improve your health.

Note: I am on vacation from 8/18 to 9/7. New appointments are available starting from 9/8. If you have questions, send text message to 203-465-9366 or email zhihong.shang@gmail.com

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